Fake News - Sign Fireman Exposed

All over the internet, there is news that the great man of God Sign Fireman was arrested. In spite of the waves it has made on the net, like the false death of Jet Lee, the false death of Eddie Murphy, and so on, it is just a hoax! That is, FAKE NEWS!
It started with one site, and then some others just copied it without verification, and it spread.

The truth is that Sign Fireman was never arrested by the Police. In fact, when the news broke, he heard it like others did, and drove to a Police Station to confront the story! Further proof that it is a false story is that, for a man as popular as Sign Fireman, there should be a picture of his arrest to substantiate it, but there is none! It is all a hoax! A creative false story!
Even the reason for his arrest is as ridiculous as the arrest itself!
Every now and then, some people try to use a false sensational story of a star, a celebrity or a popular person to market their newspaper, blog, or something. It is a popular publicity stunt!
Anyhow, the person that started the whole nonsense is presently in Ikoyi Prison, Lagos, Nigeria. We pray he learns his lesson!



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